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Wesley to Folks, 11/22/1942 

November 22, 1942 Sunday

Dear Folks

Here it is Sunday again and I have to write you a line or two to let you know everything is well here, including your son and brother.

We didnít get very much sleep today and none last night so I am pretty tired, so I ainít going to bore you with much of a letter. I havenít wrote much this week but havenít had time. We have been out at night quite a lot lately.

I havenít got any letters from you since last Monday. I got three letters from Virginia that were pretty old but I really enjoyed them. I got some more letters from Selma and Aunt Mattie. Selma was telling me about Walter getting hurt. Sure was too bad. They said they had received some swell letters from you.

Well folks guess that will be all this time. Iím going to try and write some more soon. My air mail stamps sure are going fast. Donít think Iíll send this air mail. I hope all of you are well, and donít worry Iím fine.

Lots of Love