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Wesley to Avis, 11/21/1942 

November 21, 1942

Dear Avis

Seems as though Iíve been neglecting my little sister. I just been thinking you are going to have a birthday soon. And I had better write you a line or two or you would think I never even think about you, but I do.

There isnít any news. I got a letter from you quite some time ago, and really have been going to answer it, but havenít had time.

How do you like school this year? Do you have as much fun as last year? And how is your land lady, pretty tough? I sure would like to walk in on you like I did a little over a year ago when I come back from my steer chase, remember?

I gotta write Jean a letter too. I bet you all think I am a good one. I write to Virginia oftener than I do you, but Ginny had been awful good to write. Everybody had. And I donít know what I would have did if they hadnít. The last letter I had from Betty had 2 pictures of her and they sure were good.

I sure hope Laurence doesnít have to quit school to go to the Army. I donít think he will either.

Gee Sis itís about chow time. This isnít much of a letter but I do wish you ha Happy Birthday and also a Merry Christmas.

Lots of Love

Your big brother

Wesley Gee Sis I sure am sorry. I wrote this letter and forgot to mail it. I sure am a good one ainít I? Anyway better late than never.