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Wesley to Folks, 11/16/1942 

November 16, 1942 Monday

Dearest Folks

Will write just a few lines again tonight. I wrote you a letter yesterday but I got another swell letter from you today with the 16 airmail stamps in it. I sure was glad to get it and the stamps too. Have you been getting the letter I sent free as fast as the airmail?

You sure much have had quite a hay hauling rig. How many trips did you make a day? Gee I think a lot about whatís going on at home. Be sure and tell me about everything, you big cattle drive and all. Did the boys make you sick with cigar smoke?

That sure was terrible about Mr. Humrick. You all want to be careful and donít take any chances you donít have to. Iíve learned to be lots more careful than I used to. Guess Iíve grown out of my reckless stage. I really did have some close calls. Like the time a couple of years ago when that car load of Texas longhorns ran over me. Donít know how I ever got out of that.

Well folks now that I got the stamps Iíll send that money. Guess that will be all this time. Donít worry about me, Iím fine.