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Wesley to Folks, 11/15/1942 

November 15, 1942 Sunday

Dear Folks

Here it is Sunday again. Itís a real nice day and pretty warm. I worked all morning so never got to go to church,

We had a fair dinner and I decided I better write letters this afternoon and get caught up. I got 2 swell letters from Selma and also one from Evelyn. They were all of very late dates. Your and Bettyís last one were written Nov. 1st and one Dad wrote the 28th of Oct. It was the one with a lot of questions in it; I hope I get one answered.

You bet I would like to be there to pass my opinion on you new lariat rope and bridle reins and also try them out; I always did want a pair of braided reins. You can make me a pair too.

I was real glad to hear about everything you wrote. I hope the calves do good. Dad you can buy some pea size cotton cake or soybean cubes and feed about ľ lb to a calf with some oats and you sure will see a difference. Especially if the calves are small.

I sure would like to have been there to help make that cattle drive. How many riders did you have this year. Was Old Babe the top horse again? She isnít fast but she sure can walk and thatís what it takes for a good cow horse.

That was too bad about Haroldís dad getting killed. I havenít got the letter yet telling me the particulars but you mentioned it in the letter you wrote.

No, I still haven't got the package yet, yours or Bettyís either. Betty sent me a couple of good pictures in her letter last night.

Gee folks there isnít any news. Iím real well and hope all of you are too. Eat plenty of turkey for Thanksgiving ďfor meĒ.

I still havenít got them air mail stamps so I canít send that money home yet. They say the boat came in with a lot of mail on so probably Iíll get them then and the packages too. Jerry and Wally are fine.

Well folks good night and donít worry and will write more later. Lots of love from all three.