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Wesley to Folks, 11/13/1942 


November 13, 1942

Dearest Folks

Just a few lines to let you know everything here is well including myself. We have move to a different part of the Island. So didnít have a chance to write any sooner.

We had a mail call last night and I got 3 letters from you, none of late date but I really enjoyed them any how. I am in hopes of getting some more soon. I also got one from each Betty and Virginia.

It really is warm here today, I donít have any shirt on and the sun is shinning on my back just like an oven.

Iím really glad you are getting some of my letters. I haven received any papers or stamps as yet. I hope they arenít at the bottom of the ocean. Guess Iím running out o paper so will quit. Donít worry. Hope you are all well at home. Jerry is fine.

Lots of Love