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Wesley to Folks, 11/06/1942 

November 6, 1942 Friday

Dearest Folks

Iím about 2 days late answering the swell letter I got from you written Oct. 25. Sure didnít take that long to come. Was really glad to hear you had received my letters. Did you get the one I wrote on the boat? Was much of it censored out? I was wondering. I didnít get any letters from you that were written before the one I got so it kinda sounds funny. I wish they would come in order. I also got one from Betty written the 23rd. One from Rev. Glenn Fry and Aunt Rinnie.

Gee folks there isnít much to write about, nothing new. Wish you could have some of our hot weather and I could have some of your cold. It did rain most all day yesterday and started this morning, but has stopped now.

Iím glad the livestock looks good this winter and the ones you bought are fine. I still think calves are a good investment this year. Iím going to send home some more money. I have the check all made out but Iím going to wait till I get a air mail stamp before I send it. $40. By then you should have another allotment. Glad you received the first one.

I started Virginia a letter night before last and got stopped so will have to finish that. I just got through writing to Betty so the most important ones will be taken care of. I want to write to Mrs. Cooper yet too and several more but I just canít find time.

Mother, you donít need to worry about me drowning. I donít go in places where there is any danger. I havenít got the things you said you sent or the stamps either. I will have to write Uncle Lew a letter and thank him for them.

Well folks guess thatís all this time. Donít worry about me. I feel fine and take care of yourselves. Iím getting fatter everyday. Donít know what I weigh tho. So long.

Lots of Love and Kisses

Wesley Oh, yes you can tell that little round sister I got a V-Mail letter from her yesterday. Will answer soon. You know which one I mean, the one thatís like a Dutchmanís Pig, ďjust as big laying down, like she is standing up.Ē Ha! Ha! Ha! No kidding sis, I hope you are getting enough to eat. Send me a picture. I want to see what you look like. Love Brother