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Wesley to Laurence, Jr., 11/03/1942 

November 3, 1942 Tuesday

Dear Brother

Think I had forgot all of my Bro. and Sisters. Iíve been thinking about you every day, wondering how the football games have been coming out. And how you are doing this year. Mother tells me you have had some boils. Hope they havenít been bothering your playing any.

How is Dad coming with the new barn? Do you help any? I suppose Vernon and Uncle Elmer have been helping.

Say do you ever ride the white colt any? I hope you havenít cut his foretop off. Is he as pretty as he was when I left?

Does that little sorrel mare look like she would make a saddle horse, or is she going to have too much bone?

Have you been going to any good dances lately? Donít suppose thereís enough guys left there any more to make a good crowd.

I really am ashamed of my self for not writing to Mary but I have so many different ones to write to. Some of them had to go without until I can find the time to write. Betty has really been swell to write and of course the folks have too. So they always come first. I am expecting some more mail today.

How is the weather up there? Sure hope it is good. Is Dad going to have much corn? Sure hope he had lots to feed.

Who all is playing on your team this year? Does (Terry Evert) play this year? I sure have been asking lots of questions but thatís the only way Iím going to find out.

Well kid guess Iíll stop this time. Write when you find time and keep having lots of fun for me. Donít worry about this old red headed brother of yours. He can take care of his self.

As Ever