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Wesley to Folks, 11/01/1942 

November 1, 1942 Sunday

Dearest Folks

Well here it is Sunday again and every this is well here. There isnít any news but must write, or you will think I have forgot you, which would be false, because I think about home most of the time I guess. Thatís the main subject we talk about, is when weíll get back to the States.

I received a letter or 2 from you this week. The last one was written Oct. 4th. Betty is ahead of you with one written the 11th. I sure do like to get letters. One of you last V-Mail letters wasnít very plain but I made most of it out.

I was on guard last night and today so that took practically all my time. I sure am tired. I still have to write to Betty, then I think Iíll go to bed and catch up on some sleep. Iíll feel good tomorrow.

I suppose the barn is almost done by now. I sure am curious to know what it looks like. Where did you put it?

Gee folks itís about chow time. Wish I knew what they were going to have. I ainít too hungry, I been eating candy.

Here I am back again. Iíve did three or four different things since I started this; played catch some, washed and brushed my teeth, and washed my lamp chimney.

Say have you every received any of my allotment money? By the time you get this you should have 2 months payments. Iím sending $40 home, probably in the next letter. Yesterday was pay day. Iím sending Betty some for a Christmas present too.

Gee folks I canít think of any more to write so guess Iíll just stop for this time. This sure isnít much of a letter but I hope it lets you know Iím fine and donít worry. I hope you are all well too.

Lots of Love