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Wesley to Folks, 10/29/1942 

October 29, 1942 Thursday

Dear Folks

Will write you a few lines tonight. Itís kinda late but will write some anyhow. There isnít much of any news. I feel fine as can be.

I got 2 more V-mail letters from you and 2 from Virginia, but got some air mail letters from Betty that come lots faster. She wrote the last one Oct. 11th. Thatís the latest news Iíve had so far. The last one I got from you was written Oct. 4th.

It sure has been hot here the last day or two. I took a nice swim in the ocean this evening. It sure did make me feel good.

Gee Iíve been wanting to get a lot of writing done but seems like I never get it done. I did write to Aunt Francis and Izetta. I got letters from them this week so answered them. Izetta told me about seeing you at the party and having a good visit.

I suppose it is really cold there by this time. It gets hotter here every day and the flys are starting to come now. The mosquitoes have been pretty bad. We sleep under mosquito bars so have that much advantage of them.

In two or three days it will be pay day again. Iím going to send some money home some time after pay day so you can be expecting it.

I sure hope you got the barn done by this time. What kind of roofing did you put on it? Be sure and tell me what itís like every way.

Iím going to write Virginia a letter tomorrow night. Itís getting late tonight and Iím tired so think I will stop. I wish I had a air mail stamp to put on this, but guess will have to write free on it and hope you get it soon.

Good night everybody and donít worry about me. I am real fine.

Lots of Love