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Wesley to Charley and Izetta Tasler, 10/27/1942 

Change in my APO number

Oct 27, 1942

Dear TC Folks


Well folks how is every thing going at the ranch. I got your swell setter today and believe me I sure did appreciate it. I also got two from Betty. I hadnít heard from her for quite a while and they really hit the spot too.

You sure make me homesick when you talk about rounding up the big steers and all the semi-truck coming out. I sure wish I could have been there to have helped ship them, and Iíll bet they were nice, too. Itís been so long since I saw any good cattle that I almost forgot how they would look.

Iím glad you came out good on Kates too. You should have enough feed to really do things. Wish I was going to eat turkey with you this Thanksgiving. I sure am planning on eating turkey some place in the USA next year, though.

I got a swell letter from Quentin Mlinar the other day. She writes a swell letter. I sure could see her and Charley racing on bicycles. That would have been worth the chips. She told me all about the school she was teaching.

Iíve been going to write sooner but seems like I never could find time. We work pretty hard most of the time. We used to get to play ball but now they have taken that privilege away from us. So we canít have much to look forward to. They did show us one movie that I saw about 2 years ago.

I suppose you have by now where about we are. Its on an island in the southwest Pacific. The climate is tropical and pretty warm the year around like most weather south of the equator. There are lots of very friendly natives. About all the boys from around home that is here is Kenneth Cadwallader, Wally Oconnell, Jerome Baum and me of course.

I suppose Delores and Charles like school as well as ever. I can just see them racing to school every day.

Well folks, guess Iíll stop this time. I hope this finds you all well and happy. Iím getting along as well as anyone over here.

Lots of love

Wesley P.S. Sure wish I could see your boots, Izetta. HA! Ha! Ha!