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Wesley to Folks, 10/25/1942 

October 25, 1942 Sunday

Dearest Folks

Will start you a letter donít know how much I will get written as itís almost chow time. It sure is hot here today. If it wasnít for a pretty good breeze I donít know what weíd do.

Iíve been working around my tent almost all forenoon. I made me a dresser out of wooden boxes, not much to look at but it suits the purpose, keeps my clothes off the ground so they donít get damp.

I got quite a few letters this week from Virginia, Quentin Mliner, Florence Tasler, Aunt Francis and of course you. Yesterday I got 2 V-Mail letters that were written 21 and 27 of Sept. Theyíre not nearly as fast as air mail. I received a letter from you written the 30th of Sept. over a week ago.

We still play ball. I play my old position, catching, and a kid from St. Louis Mo. Does most of the pitching (Buck Booling). He does pretty good. He also sleeps in my tent, good soldier too. At least he does lots of bitching. Well folks the chow whistle just blew so here I go, or there wonít be any left.

Well here I is back again, and Iíve had chow twice and itís dark. I made me a lamp out of a pint jar and was able to buy a burner and a chimney and wick, so get along pretty good.

We played ball this afternoon, two games. The first was a Company game and I caught that. Then we (the third platoon) played the fourth and beat then, the first one we lost.

I just got through taking a shower. Sure feels good to get the dirt washed off after running and getting all sweaty.

There really isnít any news. I havenít heard from Betty for over two weeks and the latest letter from you was Sept. 30th. I should hear some this week. I sure hope so. I got 4 or 5 papers and sure enjoy reading them even if the news is old.

Well folks this is all again. Donít worry. I hope you are all well. I feel fine as can be. Goodnight.

Lots of Love