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Wesley to Virginia, 10/22/1942 

October 22, 1942 Thursday

Dear Sister

Thereís no better time than the present to make an attempt to answer the swell letters Iíve been getting from you. Sorry to say that they didnít reach me as soon as Betty's and the folk's did because they werenít air mail. But they just couldnít have hit the spot better as I didnít get any from Betty or the folks the last week or so. I been getting some of the papers too, so know most of the news I guess. I also got a letter from Quentin Milnar and Florence Tasler yesterday. Quentin writes a swell letter but Florence didnít have much to say of interest.

I see by the Graphic where quite a few of the boys have been receiving ratings in the Army and Navy. There isnít much chance for anyone over seas to get ratings so donít suppose Iíll have the pleasure. I donít really care much thereís lots of responsibility they have and it seem they never can please everyone. Iím just glad that I was good enough to be picked for over seas duty.

Gee Sis Iím glad you and Betty like my picture. From the way you and Betty brag that up it must be something grand. Iím looking forward to seeing it myself. Speaking of pictures, the Company got one of them through the mail that we had taken at Stoneman. It isnít bad I guess and its lots bigger than I expected.

I wish I would hear from the folks and Betty again but I guess I will. Just have to be patient. Hope Dad is getting along good with the barn.

Well Sister itís getting along almost pay day again. Iím going to send some more money home. There isnít anything to spend it for here. I wish I could buy Betty something nice for Christmas, but canít.

There just isnít any news. I was glad to hear about the new baby and everything. Ginny guess Iíll quit for this time. Hope you all are fine. Eat plenty of Thanksgiving dinner for me and Iíll eat bananas for you. Ha! Ha! I donít like them any better than you do now. Donít worry Iím fine.

Lots of Love

Your Brother