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Wesley to Folks, 10/16/1942 

October 16, 1942 Friday

Dearest Folks

I didnít get my letter mailed yesterday so will write a little more today. There isnít any more news except I got your V-Mail letter yesterday. It didnít come as fast as your air mail you wrote the 30th.

Itís kinda windy today, looks like it might rain tonight.

Say Mother you can send me some more lip Ivo if you want to. It keeps my lips from chapping. They were pretty sore for a while, but are better now. You might send some single edge razor blades too. They are awful hard to get here so far. No one has got any I guess. I sure do miss my cowboy hats in the hot sun. You should see me I look like an Indian. I have a good tan from my waist up, all but my nose and itís peeling some.

Well folks itís about chow time. Guess I better got get a chunk of mutton. Good night. ĒDonít worryĒ

Lots of Love