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Wesley to Mother, 10/15/1942 

October 15, 1942

Dearest Mother and Father

As you say Dad I will endeavor to answer the swell letter I received from you last night. The one written Sept. 30. I sure was glad to get it because letters mean more to me than anything. I didnít get any from Betty yesterday, but I will soon.

Sure as sorry to hear that it had froze everything. You aught to be able to start picking corn soon as you get finished with the barn. Be sure and tell me all about the size and everything?

I suppose Darold and Garold know what the service is like by now. I believe Darold will like the Navy. Did he just enlist for the duration? I sure hope Garold gets in something besides the Infantry too. He should have went with Darold.

Iím glad you received word that I had landed safely. I was worried for fear you wouldnít hear for quite a while.

We play another ball game tonight. Sure hope we win. Our platoon is tied for second place now. If we win we will be tied for first.

You sure was lucky buying calves. I think 8 cents for Herefords is really a bargain. Thatís not much more than we paid last year at this time. Say Dad about that brand; itís nice but I think it will blot awful bad. If you havenít gotten one yet, try some letters that are plain, and where the parts of the iron arenít so close together. The heat from the close parts will blot the centers out and there will be nothing but a scar. I guess Iíve saw brands from every state west of the Mississippi and I never saw it fail. Try three plain letters, all apart, on the right side. Many ranchers donít brand there and it will be easier. I canít write any down or the censors will think Iím using code. Ask Charley Tasler he will tell you some good ones.

Well folks guess I will close for now. Hope you all feel as good as I do, and donít worry I am fine, and will be seeing you.

Lots of Love