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Wesley to Folks, 10/12/1942 

October 12, 1942 Monday

Dearest Folks

Will write you a line or two as I have a minute or two left. Thereís no more news just got to write so you wonít forget to write to me. I got you swell letter written the 17th of Sept. Also got one from Betty written the same day.

Sure was glad to hear of Zeldaís and Rayís new baby. Also Betty wrote about Rinnie Gans having one.

Wish I was there to enjoy some of that nice cold weather you are having. I worked all forenoon without any shirt on. Iím getting a pretty good tan too.

I just got through writing to Aunt Rinnie. Iím almost caught up with my letters. I wrote to Stub and Lois last week. I should be getting a whole pack of letters one of these days. Sure hope so. I really appreciate something to read.

You havenít said anything about building the barn lately. How is it coming? Do you ever ride that Whitehorse any more or had he got you bluffed out? They have a few horses here but they donít come any where near looking like the cow horses we have. I donít say anything to them, but theyíre nothing but plugs.

Iíll write to Virginia some night right away. Suppose she will think Iíve forgot her but I canít write like I used to.

I donít care what you do about my cattle. Whatever you think best. You can ear mark them so I can tell them and cut off the horns before the flys start next Spring.

We been playing lots of ball lately, winning some and losing some too. We play again tonight. Donít know how it will come out. Itís with the officers. Flash we won 17 to 6

Well folks guess Iíll quit for now itís about time to go to work. Excuse the pencil this time. I just picked it up and started writing. Donít worry I feel fine.

Lots of Love

Wesley Later Say folks you can send me some of those pictures of the big steers 2 or 3. And one of old Red if you can find one in some of my things. Love Wesley