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Wesley to Folks, 10/08/1942 

October 8, 1942 Thursday

Dearest Folks

Must write you a few lines to let you know Iím fine, and everything is going well. I donít have much chance to write. We have plenty of work but nothing hard. We get enough to eat also and I sleep good.

I donít have to do my own laundry so that helps some. It rained here Saturday night and Sunday so was a little uncomfortable but not bad. The weather is nice now.

I got a letter from Lois yesterday. She says everything there was swell and that they had heard from Lloyd and he was fine also.

I sure hope Dad is getting along good with the barn. Probably he is finished by now. I hope so. There it is getting close to winter. Wish I was there to face some of the 30 below zero weather too.

There isnít many kinds of flys here. Thatís the only thing different about tropical islands than I thought except a few other conveniences.

We played ball again last night and won. Everyone sure takes a lot of interest in ball games.

I suppose by this time the kids are all used to the school drag. Is there many attending high school this year as usual?

Say can you send me Lyles and Lloyds address. Iíve lost them. Is Lyle still in Oregon and whatís his rank? I havenít heard for a long time.

Jerome is fine and everyone else. Chaplain Tomas is here now so we have church services on Sunday.

Well folks guess I donít know much else. Think I will get some more mail about day after tomorrow. Sure hope so. But think you have done real swell so far. Keep your chins up and donít worry cause there isnít any reason to. So long and Lots of Love


P.S. My lips are lots better.