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Wesley to Virginia, 10/01/1942 

October 1, 1942

Dearest Sister

Will make an attempt to answer the swell letters I got from you last Saturday 4 of them. I also got four from Mother and 4 from Betty.

I canít tell you very much news cause donít know any. All I can say is Iím in the South Pacific on an island inhabited by natives which are very friendly. We donít have much to do with them how ever.

The climate is plenty warm but guess that can be expected in the tropics. Most of the boys are as brown as the natives but you know me I canít tan so keep my shirt on.

Our trip was swell and I never got the least bit sea sick. In fact Iíve felt fine all the time and still do.

You talked like you had lots of fun while Betty was in town. I suppose sheís home by this time again.

Gee Sis I canít think of anything to write. We play ball and games for amusement which is about all we have for excitement.

Guess Iíll write mother a note and send it in this letter. The days sure are long with out mail only once in a while but guess Iíll have to get used to it. I know every body at home is doing their best. Donít worry about me.

Iím going to write to Stub and some more of the guys when I get some more time. Have a good time for me.

And something, donít you dare let Laurence quit school. Heíll regret it all his life if he does. Well good night Sis.

Lots of Love