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Wesley to Mother, 10/01/1942 

October 1, 1942

Dearest Mother and All

I havenít much time and hardly any news, but was writing to Betty and Virginia so thought I hadnít better slight you.

The wind is blowing today and itís pretty hot. It doesnít rain much here this time of year but later guess it does plenty.

We play ball quite a lot and keep busy most of the time. Its better that way the time passes pretty fast.

My lips are pretty sore but I got some salve I put on them and they are starting to heal pretty fast mow.

How near had Dad got the barn built? And what is it like? Tell me all about it.

Iím pretty sure I have some more letters coming that were written before the ones I got.

Say Mother in the last letter I told you to send me a pair of canvas shoes but Iím getting a pair here so donít bother. You can send the suit tho.

I suppose you are getting ready for winter. That wonít bother me any here.

I wish I could send Jean something for her birthday but canít send anything. Iíll make it up to all of you when I get home tho.

Well mother must quit as its getting dark donít worry Iím fine and will write as often as possible.

Lots of Love

Wesley P.S. Our APO has been changed from 1195 to 31 so donít forget to tell everyone.