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Wesley to Mother, 09/27/1942 

September 27, 1942

Dearest Mother, Father and All,

Everythingís back to normal again and I can write some. It wonít be much but it will at least let you know I am safe and sound.

To begin with we are on a Island in the South Pacific, south of the equator, in a tropical climate, but real healthy too. It is inhabited by natives which are very friendly, but we donít have much to do with them.

I got 12 letters today which made a pretty swell Sunday for me at least; 4 from you, 4 from Ginny and 4 from Betty. Words canít tell how glad I was either.

Iím glad everything is going good at home and Dad is building a new barn. I sure wish I could be there to help, but I will be some day and when I do I ainít never going to leave again. You can buy some bonds with my money if you want to. Just manage things as you think best. I wish I had sent a little more money home than I did. I canít buy much here and have too much. Maybe Iíll get a chance to send some more home sometime.

Mother, I sent Betty a cablegram as soon as we landed. I would have sent you one but was afraid it would scare you, and I knew she would let you know as soon as she got it, so donít feel slighted, or jealous cause I meant well.

No you donít need to send me any underwear, just put them with my other things and Iíll need them when I get home. You can send me my swimming suit and a pair of canvas shoes if you want. I havenít a chance to buy any here. And probably it would be a good idea to send some air mail stamps. The air service is pretty good here at times I guess and I can get your letters there lots quicker. As for Christmas donít go to any trouble to send any more cause I only have to carry it around and I have a load now.

Iím glad you liked the picture and I think itís real nice of Betty to give it to you. Someday I want it back. Thereís a lot of real soldiers on that picture.

I just got back from eating chow so feel some better. I still have to write Virginia, then I will be caught up I guess. Seems good to be able to write again.

Our trip over was swell. The weather was nice and I never got a bit sea sick. I never felt better in my life.

Well folks guess I better scratch Virginia a line or two and shave and take a bath. We donít have to shave only every other day now so it isnít quite so bad. We donít work so very hard either play game too. Well so long Iíll write more soon and donít worry, your homely red-headed son is just fine.

Love and Kisses