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Wesley to Folks, 09/15/1942 

September 15, 1942

Dearest Folks Sisters and Brother

Will write you a line or two. There isnít much I can say because it will be censored. And am going to try and write as near orders as I can.

The trip so far has been most enjoyable. They try to have as many conveniences as possible. They fixed up a PX where we could buy candy and pop and a few other things.

This will be picked up in the morning. When it will be mailed or reach you I canít say. I wish I knew.

We only get 2 meals a day but seems to be plenty as we havenít had to do much.

Jerome and I are together but have been separated from Wally.

I never get a bit sick. I sure will have a lot to tell when this is all over and I come back home.

I got you last letter a do or so after I left the U.S.A. also a swell one from Betty. Iíve just about wore them out reading them. Sure wish I knew when Iíd get some more. Did you get the money I sent home?

I run into 2 guys I knew from home on the boat, one of the Meusch twins and Anthony OíDonnell, Jr. They sure were glad to see us.

You can send me pictures I guess as long as theyíre not undeveloped films. I sure would like to have some too; not a whole lot but one once in a while.

I canít tell you where Iím at but am in hopes you will be notified some way.

I really feel good and donít worry please. Iíll write as often as I can. Sorry I didnít get to see more of California while I was there. Iíve been doing quite a lot of reading lately.

Well folks guess thatís about the limit. Will be seeing you soon.


Wesley P.S. Donít worry please. The morale of all the soldiers is very high and no one seems to have any fear. They sure are a swell outfit; singing and quarreling and having fun and everything.

Maybe Iíll get a chance to write to more people than I thought. Sure hope so, cause that was my favorite pass time. Guess I better write a little more on Bettyís letter and quit for now.

Love and Kisses