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Wesley to Jean, 08/31/1942 

Camp Stoneman California

August 31, 1942

Dearest Jean and All

I just got your letter you wrote while helping Fern cook for thrashers. And decided there was no time better than the present to answer it.

There isnít very much going on. Today was pay day again. I got $52.34 sure hope I get a chance to send some money home. Iím afraid to send it in an envelope and we donít get a chance to go to town or any place to send it any other way.

I got three letters from home today that were sent to Camp Forrest and still havenít got my Graphic yet tho.

Gee I sure do wish I were staying here and you could come out. Maybe Betty would come with you. Gee I sure would like to see her. And all of you for that matter. I sure hope my letters I been writing have been going out. I heard yesterday they werenít, and have been worrying every since for fear they havenít.

Iím in hopes the work at home is almost done now. Everybodyís been working so hard. They deserve a rest. Mother said maybe you were going back to work. I wish you would. Wouldnít it be easier or is it hard work?

We have been practically laying around here since we come and it gets pretty tiresome at times.

I donít know any news. Wish I could see Glenn but donít suppose Iíll get a chance cause think we will be leaving soon. However I will write him a card or letter if I get around to it some time soon.

So in the mean time donít worry and Iíll be fine! I sure feel good and have plenty to eat and get lots of sleep. See you soon I hope.

Lots of Love