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Wesley to Folks, 08/31/1942 

Camp Stoneman California

No Date Ė in an envelope with letter of 8/30/42 postmarked Sept. 1, 1942

Dear Folks

Well its Saturday afternoon and thereís a guy going to town, so will scribble a line or two and send it in with him.

We never did very much today just fooled around, I just got a letter from Stub. I think heís only about 30 miles from here. Iím going to see him if I get a chance.

I bought me a new pen today. It cost $3.95; really writes pretty good. My other one was doing a lot of bucking.

I donít know any news. We got some more new cloths today. I got a new rain coat, new trousers, gloves, shirt, leggings and helmet.

Iím going to church in the morning and then come home and write letters all day so to get caught up again. I wrote to Mrs. Jess Dobrovolny and betty today.

Gee I cant think of any news today. Iím fine, they sure do feed us here; Iíll be fat as a hog if they keep us here very long, but it wont be very long until we move.

Iíll write more tomorrow and tell you every thing I know. Hope your are all fine and will be seeing you.

Lots of Love