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Wesley to Folks, 08/28/1942 

August 28, 1942

Dear Folks

Must write you a line or two as I havenít for a day or two.

I got your swell letter today and the pictures. They arenít so very good but look good to me. Guess Iíll keep about 3 and sent the rest home.

We went to town last night is the reason I never wrote. I was going to when I got home and didnít have time.

We donít do much here; play ball, and do lots of exercises. Today we got 2 more shots in the arm, so itís kinda stiff but doesnít hurt very much.

The only guys from home here is Jerome. He lives in the same barracks as I do. Wally OíConnell is here too, and Cadwallader. Jerome and I went and visited OíConnell the other night.

You sure must have had a time last Sunday. I bet Aunt Francesís boys really have grown.

Gee folks wish I could tell you a lot of things but donít dare. If you donít hear from me some time for quite a while, youíll know we took a ride. We wonít be here long.

Say, I made an allotment out. They will send $30 of my pay check home every month, not this month but all after that. So take care of it for me will you. Iíd rather have calves than bonds. I think thereís more money in them. Iím going to send some more home that I already have if I get a chance.

And they will send you a card with my address on it as soon as I leave the states or some time. I filled one out yesterday and gave it to them. All they will do is put the address on it and mail it to you. (To keep us from finding out where we are going). You can tell Betty where it is as soon as you find out. And you might find some thing out where Iím at if you ask her.

Well folks guess Iíll go to bed. Kinda got a headache. Sorry I didnít write last night. Iíll do better next time. We get paid tomorrow or Monday.

Lots of Love