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Wesley to Folks, 08/25/1942 

Pfc Wesley R Slaymaker A Camp Near San Francisco

August 25, 1942

Dear Folks

Must write you a few lines to let you know I got here and am fine. They say our letters will be censored so will have to be careful what I say. Cant mention the name of the camp, but itís not very far from San Francisco and is close to the town of Pittsburg (sp).

Maybe I can write more later about it. Guess we wonít be here long, maybe 10 days and then I donít know but think it will be overseas. Donít worry cause everything will turn out all right, Iím sure. And I feel lots better about it than I would if I had left that other time.

The trip was swell but I sure got tired. 6 days and 6 nights. We went through Tenn, Ark, Missouri, Kansas, Colo, Utah, Nevada, and California. The country was all swell but Utah and Nevada which was mostly desert.

Tell Virginia Iím going to write to her but Iím so busy I canít get everything done, but I got to write a lot of letters soon.

Well good night and donít worry. I havenít got any mail yet. Hope I do soon.

Lots of Love and Kisses