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Wesley to Folks, 08/22/1942 

Sat Night Pueblo Colo August 22 1942

Dear Mother & All

Must write you a line or two if I can't mail it long as its your birthday. I sure am getting tired of riding all ready, we left Camp Forrest Wed night and rode real slow through Tenn, Ark, Missouri, Kansas and now Colo. still don't have any idea where we are going. I wish I had about 3 days off now. I ain't very far from home.

I was real lucky Jerome and I got the same seat and sleep together in the lower birth. It sure is lots of company.

We have a pair of field glasses and enjoy many sights mostly nice bunches of cattle in western Kansas and Colo.

We have exercises some times when the train stops but never get a chance to mail any cards. They watch us like hawks.

The boys are pretty orderly on the train they play cards and checkers and most anything to amuse themselves, the town people along the tracks are good to give us papers and magazines to read, and everyone waves and sure acts like they are behind us 100% they sure are different from the people in the east and south.

They make us go to bed early and we get up at 5:00 o'clock in the morning. I was awake when we crossed the Mississippi river sure was wide but suppose not as wide as the ocean.

We have been stoppped here for quite a while suppose we will be pulling out any time now and you can't possible write while we are moving. I am writing on a magazine now so if you can't read it just guess and don't worry I am fine as can be, hope you are too. The eats and beds are real good will try and write some more tomorrow. Good night and lots of Love, and Happy Birthday, Mother.

Its about 6:30 at night. Love Wesley

Its Sunday morning. I'm going on guard in about an hour and am going to try and slip this off then every thing is fine.



Dear Folks, its Tuesday 25 we are just about to our destination and they said we were to have our mail ready to go in 10 minutes will write more later and tell you everything I was on guard yesterday and this morning. As far as I know we are going to San Francisco. Don't Worry. I am Fine.