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Wesley to Folks, 08/17/1942 

Camp Forrest Tenn

August 17, 1942

Got a real swell letter from you all today. Also some good poetry. That sure was good. I got a letter from Izetta, Betty and Selma too.

Well folks looks like Iím really going to have a change in scenery. We are supposed to move sometime before tomorrow noon. They gave an address to send our folks to write to but said it doesnít necessarily mean we was going there, just a possibility. So you can write to it and Iíll get it when we reach our destination.

Last night when I come home from town they told me we arenít allowed to write while in movement. Sure wish I could. May get a chance to write tomorrow before I leave, but donít know. If you donít hear, youíll know Iím on my way. We are supposed to be 6 days on the train. They only go 20 miles per hour and stop 2 hours every day for exercises, so wont go so far in a day. Iíll write everyday and mail it all at one time when I get there.

There isnít any more news so will just quit. I still have some more packing to do and have to write to Betty yet.

Say, Mother, I bought you a birthday card in town yesterday and put it in my pocket and it sealed itself shut, so I couldnít write nothing inside, but Iíll send it anyhow. Iím fine and donít worry. Iíll be swell.

Lots of Love and Kisses


Write to

Pfc Wesley R Slaymaker 37146011

Co M 129 Infantry A.P.O. 1195

% Postmaster San Francisco California

Iíll drop you a line tomorrow if I possibly can.

Love Wesley I still have to put old address on the outside. Donít write to it though.