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Wesley to Folks, 08/16/1942 

August 16, 1942 Camp Forrest Tenn

Dearest Folks

Just a line to let you know I feel just fine and hope all of you do too, its Sunday again I'm in town, thought I'd get away from Camp for a few hours.

Its jsut about noon and I think I'll get a bite to eat pretty quick thought I'd try and see if I could set up to a table.

I didn't get any letter from you yesterday but I got 2 swell ones Friday so am well satisfied. I got one from Betty and also Evelyn and a card from Virginia.

There is quite a few boys writing here at the USO today. KP yesterday wasn't bad. I peeled 2 hundred pounds of potatoes and about 2 bushes of carrots. It was pretty late last night so never wrote.

A whole load of USO girls just came in think I'll be getting the heck out of here I don't like their looks.

Well folks guess that's all I know just now will write some more tomorrow.