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Wesley to Folks, 08/13/1942 

Camp Forrest Tenn

August 13, 1942

Dear Folks

Must write you a line or two to let you know Iím all right and feel good. I was on guard last night so couldnít write and tonight we are having another night problem, so wonít have time to write much. I got a swell letter from you last night. Havenít saw the stationery yet. If you havenít sent it yet donít send any envelopes that are printed. (Addresses). Cause thereís a new law that under the free mailing system you have to have your own hand written address. Too many army wives were taking advantage of it.

Guard wasnít bad, just walked 4 hours from 7 till 9 and from 1 till 3.

Thanks for the picture of soldier shortening his trousers. I sent mine to the laundry today. Hope they donít was the hem out of them for me.

Well folks must close and get to work so will be ready for night problem. I sure am loosing lost of sleep. Hope I get caught up pretty soon, but really feel good. Goodnight and lots of love

Wesley Iíll write more tomorrow night