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Wesley to Folks, 08/09/1942 

Camp Forrest Tenn

August 9, 1942

Dear Folks

Here it is, Sunday again and Iím holding down my bunk. There isnít much else to do besides write letters. I just got through writing to Virginia and will probably write a few more besides this yet.

First of all I went to church this morning, then I come home and shortened my pants and read the funny papers and a little in the paper itself and it was time for dinner which was pretty good. We had fish. I did a fair job on my pants, I guess. I bought me a little sewing kit. Did I ever tell you about it? It got thread, 3 needles, scissors and buttons in it. It comes in pretty handy sometimes.

Iím the only one around here right now. Donít know where the rest of the boys have gone. I can always think better when Iím alone, and then I have hard enough time thinking of something to write, but I guess just writing is the most important. It is with me any way.

I got a letter from Betty yesterday. Guess sheís been pretty sick; hope sheís better now.

Jerome goes to church an hour earlier than I do and when I got back he was gone this morning so donít know where he went.

Itís been trying to rain here most all day so is a little cooler than usual but still is plenty warm.

I havenít started to write in my diary yet, thought maybe Iíd get at it this evening. Iím going to paste one of the little pictures Betty sent me in beside mine.

Gee folks I canít think of anything today. How much longer has Laurence got at Charlieís? Does he like it just as good as ever? Bet he really has to work tho.

Well guess Iíll quit and write to Mrs. Cooper. I havenít written them for a long time. Iím fine and have everything I need and over $100 money, so am pretty well fixed. There isnít anything new about moving or furloughs so thatís all.