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Wesley to Folks, 08/07/1942 

Camp Forrest Tenn

August 7, 1942

Dear Folks

Will try and answer your swell letter I received today. Sure glad you got my pictures and I think Iím about the same weight I was when I com in the army. I was heavier for a while but think I lost it now. Iíll get weighed one of these days and tell you.

Today was rather cool. It drizzled rain most of the time. We were in it most of the time. Tomorrow is a big inspection. I got my hair cut. A kid out here came and cut it just like dad used to. Sure did make me wish it was him. Although he can cut hair real well and makes lots of extra money and doesnít have to have a license either. After I got my hair cut I cleaned some of my equipment and shined my shoes and etc.

I got a swell letter from Ginny today too, but am too tired to answer so will wait till tomorrow. We get part of the day off and I can catch up then.

Just had to fill my pen. Sure have used a lot of ink since I come to the army. Wish I had a penny for every work Iíve wrote. I really should be an expert when I get out. Think Iím getting worse each day, but itís just carelessness; I can do better. Someday Iíll really take some pains and write you a good one.

Sure am glad you got through haying. It shouldnít be long until youíre done all together. I think you go pretty fast even better than if I were there. Maybe I can say Iíve at least missed one summer of haying in the last 15 years. Donít seem lit itís that long does it?

Iíll get some pictures taken and send them to my old fat Aunts. They donít cost too much, 12 Ĺ cents a piece and 15 cents to have each tinted. Maybe the next ones will be better and Iíll send them home and you can send them to the western folks.

Well folks there isnít any red hot news about whatís going to happen so guess Iíll just say good night and hit the hay. I feel real good and hope you all do too. The boys are all snoring and I will be too before very many more minutes.

Love and Kisses

Your Son