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Wesley to Folks, 08/05/1942 

Camp Forrest Tenn

August 5, 1942

Dearest Folks

I got your letter you wrote with Virginia Sunday so decided to write a letter. Itís been raining here all last night and all day today so we didnít do much. Checked out clothing again. I turned in one pair of my Sun Tan pants and got a new pair and theyíre about three inches too long so I got to shorten them. I did one pair and they donít look so bad. Iíd make a good woman donít you think?

I never got the package you mentioned but probably will tomorrow I donít suppose it would come as fast as a letter.

There isnít anything new. Glad you are most done having and donít work so hard youíll get it done sometime.

We had a good supper tonight. I shined my mess gear all up good today. Don't believe I ever told you much about that stuff. Itís a pan with a cover, itís about 2 inches deep. We have knife, fork and a spoon and a cup that fits on the bottom of our canteen and they sure get dirty easy. After we line up and get our food and get through eating we line up again and pass by three big tubs of hot water. The first one has soap suds in and the other two are rinse waters. They are supposed to dry in the sun.

There really isnít any news. Thereís water all around our tent but its nice and dry inside. Thereís 5 boys in this tent and Iím in charge of it. Have to see that they keep everything clean. Their names are Bob Egleston, Ill. Verney Dix and Howard Griffin, Kans, and Johney Braun, North Dak. And yours truly of course. Iím the only PFC, guess thatís the reason they made me leader.

The darn chiggers are sure biting again. I got several big welts on my arms tonight, the best thing we found for them yet is finger nail polish. It kills them right away. Well folks guess thatís all I know tonight. We were slated to have a 10 mile hike today but the rain kept us from going so if it doesnít rain tomorrow weíll probably go. Goodnight and Lots of Love Wesley P.S. Be sure and write my address just like I put it on the envelope. They are awful particular. Donít write Division after the 33

Love Wesley