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Wesley to Mother, 08/02/1942 

Camp Forrest Tenn

August 2, 1942

Dear Mother, Dad and All

As long as today is Sunday Iím going to try and write you a good letter. I didnít write last night. I went to town and to a show, got my picture took and it was to late when I came back. I sent Betty half of the pictures and the rest Iíll send you except one I sent Grandpa. They arenít so very good but will give you kind of an idea of what your big homely son looks like now.

Iíve been writing letters all day. I wrote to Aunts Ruth, Mattie and Rinnie, Betty and now you, possible Ginny and then call it a day. Oh yes I did write a card or tow.

I got a letter from you yesterday morning and one from Ginny and Betty last night. They didnít have too much to say only about the dance and the usual. I got the Stuart paper too.

I went to church this morning. I really enjoy it. It helps to pass the time and doesnít hurt anyone besides doing them a lot of good. Did I tell you I went and had a talk with the Chaplin? Heís a real nice guy from Texas, used to work on a ranch. Heís going to do all he can to get me a furlough which isnít much right now. His name is Lomas. (Tomas?)

Iím glad you got some rain and the crops look good. The corn here sure is high only I donít think it will yield very good because it looks kinda spindly.

We had a pretty fair dinner today and just cold stuff for supper. I was well enough satisfied. We had lemonade to drink.

Glad you are getting the hay up fast donít suppose you got quite done on account of the rain but you should wind it up this week.

That was too bad about Morganís sweep and hay rack burning up. Everything can happen.

Jerome went some place with Karl Kramer. Jerome and Ken Cadwallder is the only ones in this company with me. All the boys will move but Groff and Kramer I guess.

Well folks guess thatís all I know. I havenít heard anything new. Donít worry and Iíll write more soon.

Lots of Love and Kisses