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Wesley to Folks, 07/31/1942 

PFC Wesley R Slaymaker 37146011

Co M 129 Inf APO 33

Camp Forrest Tenn

July 31, 1942


Dear Folks

Just a line or two to let you know everything is fine and I got your swell letter. Itís raining here again. Wish you had some of it to help the corn. Sure hope you raise lots of corn to feed the pigs. By the way are they going good? I see by the Graphic where hogs are really a good price.

Today was pay day. I got $53.44 cents. Wish I could spend it to come home. I saw Roy Groff last night. He came up to see me and get the Graphic. No, if we are moved I donít think he will go with us. All the boys from home will go but him and Harold (D___) from OíNeill and maybe Kramer. He doesnít know for sure.

Iím sure glad you are getting along haying and you really have a pretty dutch crew havenít you? Especially, your stacker driver. Wish I were there to stack for you. Iím pretty tough, believe I could stand it ok. Glad you have a good mower too and glad it mows easy. Iím glad Laurence is getting along good.

Yes, mother, we get to read daily papers but I havenít heard a radio for a long time. We could listen if we had one. I keep plenty of tooth powder. Aunt Ruth and Aunt Mattie sent me a can and I had just bought a can so have plenty.

The army furnishes us 6 pair of socks and five sets of underwear and I have 3 shirts and 3 sets of Sun Tan Trousers. We are only allowed 2 but the supply sergeant in A company game me an extra, not too good but all right to kick around in. We can have pajamas in the winter time if we get stationed some place. You could send me some but I get along good with out them.

Say, mother, did you hear about Rinnie Tasler having a runaway with a rake. Guess she was hurt pretty bad for a while. They had to take her to the doctor. Izetta wrote about it.

Well folks guess thatís all I know. Hope I answered all your questions. Guess I have been kinda lax about that. Iíll try and write some more soon. Iím fine and donít worry.

Lots of Love


I didnít get any mail tonight. I got your letter at noon, so donít know if I heard from Betty or Ginny. Theyíre the only ones that write much any more.