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Wesley to Avis, 07/30/1942 

Camp Forrest Tenn

July 30, 1942

Dear Avis and Jean

Hello Sisters must write you a line or two as I got some swell letters from both of you the last couple of days.

There isnít any mews much just the same old grind. We went on a 12 mile hike today. I stood it better than I expected. It really isnít so bad as you would think,

I got the pictures of dad and the horses today. Sure is good to see them even if it is in pictures.

Avis I didnít mean any thing when I said you were a baby and fat, but it really is the truth isnít it. And as for Jean she sure looks real sweet in her specks. I never used to like specks, but for about a year now I think theyíre all right (guess why?)

Thereís another red headed guy that lives in the same tent as I go. Weíre the only two in the company. His name is Bob Edgerton. Heís married though.

I havenít heard anything about a furlough or about moving but time will tell. I guess will just have to wait.

Iím sure glad dad is getting along haying pretty good hope he gets it up in good shape. How do you like to work in the hay field Avis? Maybe you could work off a little fat if youíd stack.

Well kids guess thatís about the limit tonight will write more tomorrow. I got a swell letter from Betty today saying she really had a swell time Sunday. Iím glad.

This company is on guard tomorrow but I didnít get called. Boy am I glad.

Excuse this letter. Iíll write another better one, and Jean Iíll write to Glenn one of these days Iíve been going to for a long time. Is his address the same?

Good night and Love