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Wesley to Folks, 07/25/1942 

PFC Wesley R Slaymaker 37146011 Co M 129 APO 33 Camp Forrest Tenn

July 25, 1942

Dear Folks

Just a line or two to let you know I am ok and still here. We got the afternoon off and so Jerome and I came to town. (envelope postmarked Tullahoma, Tenn/ss). Went to a show and now we are down at the USO building writing some letters.

The show wasnít very good but enjoyed it. I havenít been to one for a long time. I sure enjoy being with Jerome. Heís a nice kid and really a good soldier. Heís writing to his folks too.

We donít know any more about moving, like as not we will got to San Francisco tho you never can tell when tho.

Gee there isnít as much to write as I thought, guess Iíll just quit and write some more tomorrow. Am going back to camp pretty quick.

I havenít got any mail today will stop at the QM going back and see if I got any. Sure hope so, and say can you tell them at the Stuart paper to change my address on the paper. I told Betty to have the Graphic changed.

Itís awful hot here today, looks like it might rain. Hope so, but I donít want to get wet. Iím going to take a shower here tho. You can and it doesnít cost nothing.

Well goodnight Folks, Iím fine and donít worry. Iíll write more soon.