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Wesley to Folks, 07/21/1942 

Camp Forrest Tenn. July 21, 1942

Dear Folks

Must write you a line or two to let you know I am fine and still hear don't know amy more then I did last night. I got a letter from you an Ginnie last night after I wrote but haven't had a chance to get any today so far, tonight I mean.

Jerome Baum has been over in my tent all evening reading the Graphic, he doesn't get it.

I'm not driving over hear yet nothing in fact, just setting around waiting.

I'm going to send Betty's letters home tomorrow sometime. Nothing else I decided to keep it we have plenty of room to carry extra junk and I can use some of it.

That sure was a swell picture of Jean I sure like it.

Kennith Cadwaller is in this company too. I talked to him quite a while today. It's good to talk to anyone from home.

I'm writing by candle light again, and it's getting pretty late. Guess I'll sing off and hit the cot it's pretty hard. Don't worry and I'll be seeing you and will write more tomorrow. Love Wesley

Don't open Betty's letters please

I'm sending some negatives home you can get them finished some of them are of me on that honorary guard that time.