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Wesley to Folks, 07/19/1942 

Camp Forrest Tenn July 19, 1942 (Sunday)

Dear Folks,

Here it is Sunday again nothing much going on. I'm on guard this afternoon at 5:30 so decided I better write you a line or two before I go on duty.

Yesterday we hauled toops and had our trucks parked down at the rail road waiting and when the train came in some airplanes flying real low over the truck dropping welcome cards to the boys. Well one got too low and caught a cable that was across the street on telephone poles and came down right on one of our trucks. No one got hurt tho my truck was only about 100 ft or so away, so I saw it all real close, He also knocked down some live electric wires and they had quite a time keeping the people off of them until they got the juice shut off. The truck and plane were smashed up pretty bad.

It's about 9:15 now I'm going to church at 10:00. It sure is going to be hot today again I think.

There really isn't any news. I haven't had a change to get any mail form out at the company today or yesterday yet, so I don't know if I heard from you or not. I think I did tho. I got a letter from Ginny yesterday. I suppose she's out to the Smiths today, she said she was going, bet she has lots of fun too.

We had a good breakfast this morning, hot cakes and tomato juice, coffee if you wanted it.

I read a story this morning the first one for a long time, then decided I better write while I had some time. You never can tell when they'll come and get to make a trip after some more trucks.

The guy that came over here with me got his truck taken away from him for driving too fast. Don't know when he'll get it back.

Well folks I'm fine and still can't tell you nothing about furloughs. Guess I better get ready for church. Maybe will write some more after while. Don't worry about me I'm fine.



There isn't any more news had a good dinner and supper and am all ready to fall out for guard. Good night