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Wesley to Folks, 07/16/1942 

PFC Wesley R Slaymaker

Prov Trucking Co. 405 Qm Bn

APO 80th Div

Camp Forrest Tenn

July 16, 1942

Dear Folks

I got your swell letter and poetry, also Avisí little one, the boys sure laughed when they saw that.

There isnít any news. Iíve been hauling gravel all day today and yesterday so am pretty tired. My left leg is sure stiff from hitting the clutch. Thereís lots of hill and mountains.

Iím going to send your poetry to Betty. She always enjoys reading it.

We sure had a good supper again tonight, hotdogs. I ate about a dozen. I sure was hungry. I donít have to do any work, just drive and check my truck at nights and morning.

No, mother, I never had the nose bleed but once and not very bad then. I never have been sick since those first shots.

Gee, I canít think of any news. Iím glad you have the corn laid by and are cutting grain. Wish I could be there to help.

We had to work pretty late tonight and so I havenít much time to answer as usual. Tell Virginia I havenít forgot her and will write when I get time. I sure donít like this business of lights going out at 9:30 but guess itís bed time. I got a good bed and sure do sleep good. I havenít drunk much coffee. For dinner and supper they usually have lemon or orange ade. It sure hits the spot.

Well folks guess thatís about all I know tonight. From the way you talk my letters arenít very newsy but there isnít anything happens and I feel good and am pretty well satisfied. Donít know nothing about furloughs. Goodnight.