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Wesley to Folks, 07/07/1942 

PFC Wesley R. Slaymaker

Co A 129 Inf 33 Div

Camp Forrest Tenn

July 7, 1942


Dear Folks

I just have a few minutes to write before my candle will be all gone. There isnít any news anyhow. I feel good and ate a big supper of sour kraut and wieners. Iím pretty tired tho. I drove 200 miles today in about a 10 mile radius.

I never got any mail of any kind today at all. Seem kind of funny. I suppose they are having a mix up of some kind at the post office again.

Gee I sure am sleepy, I can hardly write.

I canít think of even enough to fill this little piece of paper, but you at least canít say I didnít write and tell you how I am and am thinking about all of you.

Youíre soon going to have a birthday arenít you Dad?

I went and took a good shower tonight and I sure feel nice and clean if I ainít. Well goodnight everybody and Iíll be seeing you soon.

Love and Kisses