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Wesley to Folks, 07/05/1942 

PFC Wesley R. Slaymaker

Co A 129 Inf 33 Div

Camp Forrest Tenn

July 5, 1942


Dear ďFolksĒ

Will try and write you a line or two to let you know I got your letters Saturday. I would have answered yesterday only it wouldnít have gone out anyhow until in the morning.

We worked all day yesterday. I washed my Jeep in the morning and hauled the guards around in the afternoon.

Iíve written about 8 letters today, all my girls, sisters and Lois and now you and I suppose Iíll write to Virginia then I think Iíll fix my laundry and got to bed. I went to bed early last night and didnít get up very early this morning. There wasnít only a handful of men in camp so we didnít have to get up for reveille.

Karl Kramer was over for a while this morning and we had a good talk. He and Jerome Baum were going to Nashville to celebrate but couldnít find any way. The trains were all full and buses and cabs couldnít be found.

Has my letters been coming more regular lately? If you donít get a letter from me every day donít worry cause sometimes its impossible to write and then the darn mail service isnít any good.

We had chicken for dinner today and lemonade to drink, plenty of it cause there wasnít very many to feed.

I got my Stuart paper yesterday and see where some more of the boys are leaving for the army. They donít know what they are in for.

Well, folks guess thatís the limit for tonight. I hope Dad is feeling good now. Iíll be seeing you soon.

Lots of Love