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Wesley to Folks, 06/28/1942 

Camp Forrest Tenn

June 28, 1942 Sunday

Dear Folks

Must write you a line or two beings Iím in the letter writing mood. This is Sunday and not very much going on. I never got any letter from you yesterday but didnít hardly expect one with so much going on the last one I got said the next day was Gordonís funeral.

I didnít do too much yesterday. We had an inspection and everything was ok again. My jeep shined like a nigerís heel.

Iíve been trying to get caught up on my letters. I really been kinda ashamed of my self. I go 2 letters from Izetta before I got around to answer.

I havenít did anything today but write letters. I tried to sleep but the flys about eat me up so I had to get up.

My arm is feeling lots better. It hurt pretty bad for a day or two after that shot. Itís pretty hot here too. I think itís going to rain before long.

We have to go on an over night hike again but I take a Jeep this time. Hope the jiggers canít get at me. I sure donít like them.

I still have to write to Virginia, Laurenceís girl, Stub, Darold, and Lois, and of course Betty. I sure wish I could have been home for her birthday. Did you get her anything? I havenít. I kept thinking Iíd be home all the time and still do. Thatís all I can tell you tho.

I havenít sewed my PFC stripes on yet. I wish you could for me, Mother. A lot of guys went to town last night and got into a gang fight. Some of them look like they went through a feed grinder.

I got you pictures Avis and thanks. I been going to get some taken but never get around to it. Those were good.

How has the pickup been running? You never say. Is the tires standing up good? And can you buy all the gas you want up there yet? In places here they are rationing it.

Well folks Iíll write some more later. I feel good and hope you all do too. Iíll be see4ing you.