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Wesley to Charley and Izetta Tasler, 06/28/1942 

Camp Forrest Tenn

Sunday June 28, 1942

Dear kids,

I must write you a few lines to let you know I havenít forgot you. I really am ashamed of myself for not writing sooner, but have been pretty busy and expecting to come home all the time, and still do. When I canít say. And all thatís been happening at home I been so worked up I couldnít write.

A year ago yesterday we branded cattle also the day before that was Bettys birthday. Just to think about it makes me feel like deserting this damned hole and coming home.

We live in tents and eat out of mess gears and outside to boot, every meal, sometimes in the rain.

I drive a Jeep all the time now so it isnít quite as hard as walking but get quite a lot of extra detail after off duty time. So all in all its about as bad, only I like it better.

Iím sure glad you have a lot of turkeys and have a crop in, hope everything does good this fall. I wish I was going to be in the hayfield again this year but am sure you will get it up in good shape maybe a little slower.

I wish I could see your ducks and guineas. I bet they are cute, also steal a few of those strawberries. That old alkali patch is all right if I do have to say it now. I could go for some of that fried chicken too.

Iím a First Class Private now so that will help some. Iíll get $54 a month now. As far as I know, Iím the only P.F.C. in all the boys that come down here from home so that makes me feel like Iíve done all right. We all get together every once in a while and have a pretty good visit. Raymond Grof and I are the only ones that havenít got our furloughs.

Well folks its almost time for chow and I have a lot more letters to write afterwards so guess I better eat a little and get at it. I feel good and hope all of you do too. And Iíll be seeing you soon. In the meantime good luck and answer when you get time. Iíll sure be thinking about you. And you can also take my girl home with you sometime. I know she gets lonesome.

As Ever