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Wesley to Folks, 06/26/1942 

Camp Forrest Tenn

June 26, 1942

Dear Folks

Must write you a line or two as I never last night. Itís raining to beat all here and A Company is on guard, poor guys. Iím sure glad I donít get it any more. I never did much all day work on my Jeep most of the time. I sure like to drive it and I donít think Iíd have much love for it if it were a Jap.

Jiggers are little red bugs you can hardly see and when they bite you it raises up into a welt about like a mosquito bite. Yes we have a lot of rattle snakes but more of other kinds cotton mouths and coral snakes but nobody ever gets bit.

No our mess kitchen is out here with us we eat out of our mess gear and set out in the rain most of the time. It sure is disagreeable.

I got another shot in the arm yesterday. It doesnít hurt very much but I can feel it. Itís swelled up a little.

It sure is too bad about the rain spoiling all the blue grass and crops. I was in hopes everybody would make another killing this year.

Iím writing by a candle light so excuse all mistakes, I havenít been very neat in my letters but itís quite a job to even write out here. Itís after 10:00 and tomorrow is inspection so suppose I better start hitting the hay. Iíll write some more soon.

Lots of Love


Todayís Bettyís birthday wish I was home but will be soon I think.