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Lloyd Barnes to Uncle Laurence and Family, 06/26/1942 

June 26

Dear Uncle Lawrance and Family:

I received your letter the other day and was glad to get it. I am still going to school every day. I have only got twenty eight more days and then I don't know where I will go to. Has Wesley gotten his furlough yet. I don't know whether I will get one or not. They haven't said anything about it yet. That was sure too bad about Smith's little boy and also Gordon Carlisle. Was your Buckskin horse pretty tough to ride when you started breaking him to ride.

We are on the test stands in school now. The Instructor does something to the engines like putting them out of time or he does something to the carbeurator and we have to find what he does and correct it so that it will run. Sometimes it is really hard to find what is wrong.

I guess Garold is trying to break that black colt of Elmer's to ride. I don't have to be home to see it rain. It has rained down here every day for the last three weeks. I found out today how much gasoline a B-18 airplane uses. It uses 400 gallons an hour at full speed.

I didn't hear anything about Raymond flying a Bomber down here. Willard is stationed only 118 miles from here. He thinks maybe he can get a weekend pass and come down here. I sure hope they send me to a cooler place when I get out of school. I don't like this hot weather.

Well it is time to go to chow so I guess I will quit for now.

As Ever Lloyd