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Wesley to Folks, 06/19/1942 

Camp Forrest Tenn

June 19, 1942

Dear Folks

Just a line or two to let you know Iím still here and am pretty tired tonight. Today was a big day the day before inspection and I spent all day getting ready and still donít know if everything is ok. My Jeep just shines and also my rifle and I got a new pair of coverhauls and cap. Also go my shoes in good shape so I should pass.

I got the terrible news about Lester yesterday. It sure was too bad. I hate it as bad as anyone. Wish I could have been home. Then today Virginia wrote me about Gordon. It seems like everything is happening. Iím in hope it isnít as bad as they say and maybe it all isnít so. So much they tell in military life isnít.

I didnít get any letter from Betty today but didnít hardly expect any. She had so much to think about but she will write so I get one tomorrow.

I donít know anything about furloughs yet. Iíve almost lost patience waiting. Nobody has ever told us we wouldnít get them but we canít stay here much longer ad the medics wonít stand for it. I suppose Iíll get a furlough to sometime before too terrible awful long. Maybe soon. I donít know. Everything sure is mixed up.

Well folks guess I better write Betty a letter and go to bed its getting dark.

Lots of Love