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Wesley to Folks, 06/14/1942 

Camp Forrest Tenn

June 14, 1942

Dear Folks

Hello everybody. Here it is Sunday night again. I donít know any news but must write you a line or two to let you know Iím still here and thinking about yuou. Suppose you thought I had forgot about yuou but I havenít. they sure been working us. Iíve been dreiving a truck hauling gravel and rocks about 14 hours a day.

If you donít get a letter from me the next day or two donít worry or think Iím coming home. They say we are going to be out in the jungle for 48 hours and it will be impossible to write.

I didnít do too much today slept I sure was tired and our beds out here arenít too good.

We had chicken for dinner again but I cant eat good. It seems like nothing tastes good out here.

It sure did rain here for a few days. There is lots of mud and we were almost swimming. Now its getting almost dark. I should have started writing earlier.

I shaved and took a bath. It sure is a job out here.

I sure with the next two days were over, but they will be. I wish I would here when we was going to get a furlough so I could tell you.

Gee guess thatís all I know. I donít know how Iíll get any mail while we are out there either, but you can bet Iíll be thinking about you. Good night. Iíll be seeing you.