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Wesley to Folks, 06/07/1942 

Camp Forrest Tenn

June 7, 1942

Dear Folks

Here it is Sunday again I havenít did anything all day. I had company this forenoon, Roy Grof came over to see me. Guess weíre coming home together. J. Baum and K. Kramer are there now I guess. Have you saw them?

I donít know when we are coming, maybe started by the time this letter reaches you, but donít look for me until I tell you Iím coming. They will give me that much time I hope.

We had roast beef for dinner, nothing but somebodyís old bull but these swamp rats donít know the diff anyhow.

My school is out so ainít sure what Iíll be doing tomorrow. Yesterday was inspection. I didnít have to stand it but had to wash and grease a jeep and it stood inspection in good shape.

A couple of kids just come in and took my picture writing with out a shirt on, but it isnít any good cause its dark as all get out in here, but nice and cool. This is about the nicest day weíve had for a long time.

I got a nice long letter from Izetta yesterday and must answer it soon so I stay caught up also got to write to Aunt Mattie and Aunt Ruth.

I guess you must have the corn in by this time. Hope the blue grass is ready when Iím home for more reasons than one.

I washed a shirt this morning, the first one in my life I guess. Wish it was ironed.

Say Mom can you have that tan shirt of mine all did up nice for me when I get there. Itís the same color as my clothes so will be nice to wear. I havenít had my uniform on for a long time. You see itís too hot down here for them.

Well folks guess dis is all. Iíll write some more soon.

Lots of Love