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Wesley to Folks, 06/03/1942 

Pvt Wesley R Slaymaker Co A 129 Inf 33 div Camp Forrest Tenn

June 3, 1942

Dear Folks

I got your letter today so must answer. Also got one from Virginia. She seems to like her job good only has to work pretty hard I guess.

I got to drive today, I never got transferred to a drivers division, Iím just attached driver for A company. May get transferred to the service company that means service for the 129 regiment.

You talk like you were still getting some moisture everything must be soaked up. I saw about 10 acres of potatoes today that were all in bloom. They sure were pretty. A guy was cultivating them with one little mule and no lines.

Too bad about Aunt Rinnieís brooder house. I havenít heard from her for a long time.

So Laurence has pretty crooked rows. I remember when I used to list corn, my rows never were too straight either.

I wonít know when Iíll come home until the night before or the same day. Thatís the way itís been with the others but it will be some time next week around the 11th I think.

They say we are going to have to work Sunday on our new tent city we are moving into next week. Donít know how true the rumor is.

Well folks I guess thatís all the news. Laurence I got a letter from your sweetheart yesterday pretty good. I havenít answered yet.

I feel good and sure ainít been hurting my self the last 2 weeks. Iíll be so soft I wonít be able to stand nothing. Good night