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Wesley to Jean, 06/02/1942 

Pvt Wesley R Slaymaker Co A 129 Inf 33 Div Camp Forrest Tenn

June 2, 1942

Dear Sisters

I received your swell letter today so thought I better be answering. Presuming you are both staying at the Wellerís, Iím going to include you both in this one letter.

As usual I havenít been doing much toady. Went to school this morning, all day in fact. The rest of the company have gone out for the night again, so Iím pretty much the whole cheese around here. Just a cook or two and the fireman.

Paul left for Norfolk on his furlough tonight so I feel sure that Iíll be coming some time the middle of next week.

So the (circle drawn around two small stains ďIce Cream yum! yum!Ē) Slaymakers are taking over the Peterson business for operation. First thing I do when I get off the train is get my hair did and then take on a big steak at the next joint.

Iíve wrote to Aunt Francis, Betty, the folks and you. Think when I get a little more scribbled Iíll go take a shave and a shower and go to bed.

I never got any letter from Betty today. Seems like they always cone by twos.

Iím still behind 5 letters but think thatís a pretty good interval. Iíve been a whole lot farther than that.

Well kids guess I donít know much, darn my thick head maybe I could tink some petter next dime. Good night.

I lubbes yah bofe

Feffy Ha! Ha!