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Wesley to Folks, 05/31/1942 

Camp Forrest Tenn

May 31, 1942 Sunday

Dear Folks

Well itís Sunday again and awful hot. I slept all morning. Got up about 10 oíclock and got ready for breakfast, dinner it was then. We had chicken again with mashed potatoes.

I didnít write last night because it wouldnít have gone anyhow. I didnít get any letter from you yesterday either. Doesnít make any difference but I always like a letter on Saturday because it makes Sunday shorter it seems like.

I took a test yesterday at school; didnít amount to much. Just ask about 25 questions on little things about how much free play a clutch should have.

A company is going on guard this afternoon, but on account of me going to school I missed it. Boy does everybody envy me.

Gosh it sure is hot. The sweat is just pouring off me. Believe Iíll take my shirt off. Corporal Kurtz, the Corporal I have now has his girl down here. He gave me an introduction to her. Guess sheís good looking only sheís got real blond hair and I never did like blondes.

Iím going to write to Rinnie Tasler as soon as I get through with this. I kept putting it off on account of Iím always afraid Iíll say something that donít sound just right.

I donít know if we will have any black out drives this week or not. Iíll get to drive if they do. Iím kind of in hopes Iíll get transferred to the service company when I get my government drivers license. Then Iíll have more chance of getting to drive a truck instead of a jeep or weapons carrier.

Gee folks there isnít any news here. Is the blue grass going to be later this year on account of the wet weather? Have you got the corn all in? How does the oats look?

I wish I was coming home with the boys that leave this week but suppose Iíll have to wait until next on account of school. Tomorrowís pay day again. Iíll have over $60 then, that should get me home and back.

Well folks Iíll be seeing you.

Lots of Love